Wherever You Go,

Instantly Broadcast To Nearby Strangers & Pinpoint Those You Want To Connect.

About Proche App

Proche is the WORLD'S FIRST & ONLY mobile app that empowers you to fine-tune (10-meter step size) the distance of your broadcast to everybody currently nearby (strangers or otherwise)! It works anywhere anytime !

You can instantly "shout" to (and subsequently chat with) everybody currently nearby through geo-fenced chat rooms of Proche ! It is the WORLD'S FIRST & ONLY app that lets you decide how close other people CURRENTLY need to be to join the local public chat rooms you create ! This maximum allowed distance is called "chat room radius/range", you can set it anywhere between 10 meters and 2 kilometers - Super flexible & versatile ! It is useful in many situations (see below).

Everybody can sent text, picture & video in a chat room and messages are instantly received by others, everybody in the chat room is CURRENTLY in-range, so you are having REAL-TIME multi-media communication with REAL people CURRENTLY NEARBY - The realness is UNPRECEDENTED !

Who Need Proche ?

Whoever want to broadcast to and/or chat with people CURRENTLY nearby. Here are some examples :


At trade shows, expos, conferences and alike, exhibitors use Proche to raise awareness of their products & services more effectively and/or attract more event attendees to their booths.


At temporary markets (e.g. Festivals, Fairs, Holiday Markets, Farmer's Markets, Flea Markets, pop-up markets) vendors use Proche to promote their products to nearby potential buyers. Local businesses attract nearby customers the same way.

Recruiters / Hiring Managers / Professionals

At in-person professional social events, they use Proche to quickly pinpoint the likely job prospects, collaborators, clients, customers.

Event Organizers

Organizers of meetups and other off-line gatherings use Proche to make annoucements (especially those contain information difficult to describe verbally, e.g. links, pictures and videos) without interupting activities of attendees and without making signage.

Personnel At Covid-19 Testing Sites

Social distancing is highly desirable at COVID-19 testing sites. Personnel at such sites use Proche geo-fenced chat rooms to locally broadcast testing-related information and folks being tested use these chat rooms to ask questions.

Everybody Else

Everybody who want to quickly tap into the surrounding crowd / neighborhood / college campus / community for information, help, events or socializing.

Exhibitor Demo

See how exhibitors reach out to attendees at trade show through Proche :

Create New Chatroom In 5 Seconds!

simple as 1 - 2 - 3 :

1: Set Range & Chat Room Category

Range can be anywhere between 10m and 2km; 4 categories to choose from.

2: Send A Message

Indicate what this chat room is about.

3: Done !

A marker representing the chat room instantly appear on map, every user currently in-range can join the chat !

Users Love Proche


I am a recruiter, often go to tech meetups with 50 ~ 200 attendees to find job candidates, talking to attendees one by one during the networking session doesn't get many leads. Since I started using Proche, I can simply announce the Job opportunities in the geofenced chat room at meetup venue, candidates come to find me! I can even chat with candidates after the networking session. I get much more quality candidates with much less efforts. Brilliant idea !


I exhibit at trade shows quite often, not all visitors walk by our booth and oftentimes we can't talk to all visitors to our booth as all team members are occupied. Thanks to Proche, now I can post texts, pictures and videos of our products in the geofenced chat room for the event. Attendees no longer need to walk by our booth to learn our products. This not only increases my company's exposure, but also saves us from repeating the same introduction and answering frequently asked questions to each visitor ! Also, this encourages interested attendees to come by and discourage those less interested, it effectively does pre-screening of the leads for us, so we can spend more time on high quality leads and waste less time on unlikely ones. Highly recommend this app to exhibitors !


I organize the monthly meetup events of a professional group. The events take place at different companies and usually have formal talks or workshops with networking session before and after. The geofenced chat room of Proche is super convenient when I need to announce logistics like parking, badging, WiFi password, poll/survey links, unexpected delay or cancellation of speakers, and other things need attendees' attention. I no longer need to make PPT slides or make signage for these any more. Also, the speakers can share links to his slide deck in chat rooms so that audience can view at their own pace and Q & A / discussion can happen in chat rooms during the talk without disrupting the speakers. The app dramatically reduce the need to pause and wait everybody take pictures of information on the screen. It's also very helpful for folks arrived late because they can view the chat history to catch up with the event. So the app benefits everybody! Definitely recommend this app to event organizers!